BOISE -- Boise Police say they've found a lot of fake identification cards around the area and they have a warning for young people.

That doesn't sound unusual, but what's different is where people are getting them.

Police say most fake IDs are coming from China and have been sold over the Internet.

After interviewing several teens, young adults and bar owners, officers estimate thousands of people have bought them -- not just for alcohol, but to use in identity theft scams.

Officer Jermaine Galloway with the Boise Police Department said people who buy a fake ID on the Internet are also at risk.

Outside of the law, the problem is they're sending their photo, their signature, and their personal information to a company that's making fraudulent documents. So common sense should tell you that's not a good idea, said Galloway.

Simply possessing a fake ID is a misdemeanor.

Police officers are training employees at local businesses on what to look for.

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