BOISE -- A wildfire burning in the central Idaho wilderness has grown to 7,000 acres.

Fire managers report the Halstead Fire is actively burning in subalpine fir and lodgepole pine, about 18 miles northwest of Stanley.

Fire activity has forced the closure of several campgrounds. Nampa resident Steve Hall was impacted. He was hoping to access a hot springs in the area, but his preferred route is closed.

I came here hoping I could walk up the trail this way, said Hall. It is affecting my plans but I am dealing with it.

Large columns of smoke, and even flames, were visible to drivers traveling along Highway 21 northwest of Stanley, however the highway is open.

For safety we did have to evacuate some of the campgrounds in the area, said assistant fire manager for the Salmon Challis National Forest Crystal Loesch.

Hall is not the only person impacted by this fire. A busload of boy scouts heading to the Bradley Boy Scout Camp were turned away this past weekend, and they came all the way from Medford Oregon.

Lightning sparked the Halstead Fire on Friday, along with 10 other fires in the area. It is located on the ridge between Beaver Creek and Marsh Creek in the Salmon-Challis National Forest.

Loesch said an out of state, National Incident Management Organization, known as NIMO, was transitioning to the Halstead Fire Tuesday. The team is made up of specialized firefighters trained to fight rugged, high-country fires.

The fire is zero percent contained and the Forest Service says firefighters are completing fuel breaks along Beaver Creek Road from Beaver Creek Campground to Shake Creek.

Officials do not believe this fire will be extinguished soon or easily. Their goal is to minimize the effects of the Stanley economy and keep it from spreading to high value assets in the area.

There are 200 total personnel on this fire, including: Six Type 1 Crews, Two Type 2 Hand Crews, Two Type 1 Helicopters and 1 Type 3 Helicopter, Two Type 6 Engines and Two Type 4 Engines.

The Boundary Creek Launch Site and the entire Middle Fork River Corridor are open, however there are some closures near the fire.

An emergency closure order went into effect Tuesday for all access points to the Cape Horn Area, all access to the Seafoam Bubble, all access to the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness that is east of the Middle Fork Wild and Scenic River Corridor, east of Bluebunch Ridge, and north of Lola Creek, the area northwest of the Knapp-Loon Trail and west of the Pinyon-Feltham Road. In addition, the Pinyon Peak Road in its entirety is closed.

The following campgrounds are closed due to the fire closure: Beaver Creek Campground, Beaver Creek Camp Spur, Lola Creek Campground, Lola Camp Spur A, Marsh Creek Transfer, Josephus Lake. All roads and trails in the closure area are also off limits.

Fire danger on the Salmon-Challis National Forest is high. Although the forest currently does not have any fire restrictions in effect, visitors are urged to use precaution at all times. Please make sure your campfires are completely dead out at the end of each use.

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