REPUBLIC, WASHINGTON -- A woman suffered bumps and bruises but was able to walk away after a large tree uprooted and fell on top of her house.

Joy Culp was standing in the kitchen of her Republic, Washington home when a severe storm hit the area late Friday afternoon.

Her husband, Wade, was working at a nearby construction site when the wind started to pick up.

It hit so fast, I barely had time to run to my truck a hundred yards away, he said, Trees were snapping left and right every where for about 3 or 4 minutes.

Back at the house, Joy became trapped after the roof came toppling down.

The tree landed a half inch from her, and the roof came down on her back. I think the stove probably saved her life, her husband said.

Neighbors heard Joy s screams for help and rushed to her side. One of the neighbors climbed up on a two by eight piece of wood and was able to pry her out. She was treated at a nearby hospital for cuts, bruises, and possible a small arm fracture.

She s doing find, and the dog is good. The house is destroyed, but we re lucky, Wade said.

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