BOISE -- A citizens group is hoping two petitions will overturn a bike ban on the Greenbelt through a part of Garden City.

The area in the Riverside Village subdivision has not allowed bikes for several years.

The Citizens for an Open Greenbelt submitted two petitions to the Garden City clerk's office: one would require a vote before any part of the Greenbelt could be closed to bikes, and the other would repeal the current bike ban.

You can go out on the Greenbelt, and it's safe. If you go out on the street, sometimes there's a risk of a car and bicycle collision. It's a safety issue for the people. It's also just being a good neighbor, said T.J. Angstman, attorney for Citizens for an Open Greenbelt.

About 150 signatures were gathered for each petition.

From here, the city council could vote to enact the initiatives.

If that doesn't happen, they would be up for a vote of the people this fall.

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