BOISE-- Summer heat can be hard on people, but it's also hard on your pet. When the weather is nice, you might think of going for a hike with your dog, or letting your animal come along for other outdoor activities.

Pets Best, a Boise-based pet insurance company, said this is their busiest time of year.

Summertime is definitely our busiest time in terms of claims, said Chris Middleton, chief operating officer of Pets Best Insurance.

Middleton and his dog Addie spend lots of time outdoors. He understands all the summer problems that could make her sick.

Increased number of accidents in the summertime is definitely a problem as well, he said.

Middleton said Pets Best sees claims for a wide variety of things. Dogs, like their owners, can also get affected by sunburn, heat exhaustion or even allergies.

Jerry Hose does his best to keep his dog Kal-El cool.

Make sure there's plenty of water around, shade, just try and keep him as cool as I can, said Hose.

He knows being a good pet owner can be a lot of work.

They can get quite expensive if you don't take the right precautions, he said.

Middleton recommends checking your dog's fur after a walk, and making sure your pets are well-hydrated.

Pet insurance costs vary by a number of factors, including dog's breed and age.

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