BOISE -- A Boise sales rep. for Scentsy is suing the local and incredibly successful wickless candle company, claiming they made millions off her original idea and work, without paying her for it.

The lawyers for Eva Marosvari, say she used to be a friend to the family that runs the company, Orville and Heidi Thompson.

She's claiming in 2009, Scentsy was soliciting ideas for children's products. Marosvari says, she had the ideas for, created protoypes for, and developed a stuffed animal product line and accompanying video game. She called it, 'Scentzanimals.'

Scentsy introduced the Scentsy Buddy product line in 2010, which has made millions for the company. Marosvari's attorney in Boise, Chuck Peterson, says that's her product, but she wasn't paid.

She's just really extremely disappointed with the company, says Peterson. This is a very nice lady who had a great idea that germinated and produced this great product for Scentsy, always believing that Scentsy would do the right thing. And in the end, they just pretended like she didn't exist.

It's important to know that as a sales representative, Marsovari is not a Scentsy employee, but rather, an independent contractor.

According to the civil complaint, Scentsy told her that they, Don't pay for ideas.

Peterson says, that arguably makes sense, but says, this is more than an idea.

This isn't just about an idea, says Peterson. This is about actual property that gets developed as a result of the idea.

Phil Broadbent, Scentsy's Chief Legal Officer, says Orville and Heidi Thompson are the most generous people I know. They have built their business on the principle of sharing and contributing more than you take. That is why their business has grown so dramatically and why they are supported so faithfully by Scentsy's nearly 200,000 consultants and millions of customers. So it is particularly disappointing when someone files this kind of suit.

Peterson says, in a case in Idaho like this, you don't ask for a dollar amount in compensation. So right now, they're just claiming damages in excess of $10,000, and the specific amount, if there's any, would be determined by the court.

Scentsy says they have just found out about the lawsuit. The company has 30 days to officially respond.

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