BOISE -- The Idaho State Liquor Division has apparently had a change of heart over the sale of a controversial brand of vodka.

State officials announced today it would begin accepting special order requests for the Five Wives Vodka brand.

The announcement comes after a Washington law professor threatened a lawsuit over Idaho's decision to ban a brand of vodka that makes a cheeky reference to polygamy.

In a letter published Wednesday on his website, George Washington University professor Jonathan Turley informs Idaho officials he will sue on behalf of the maker of Five Wives Vodka if the state doesn't reverse its decision not to allow the vodka's sale. He calls the ban unconstitutional and gives the state 10 days to reverse it.

Idaho State Liquor Division director Jeff Anderson said last month that the brand is offensive to Mormons who make up more than a quarter of Idaho's population and would not be sold in the state. The Mormon church at one time allowed polygamy but abandoned the practice in 1890.

In a shared desire to avoid unnecessary litigation costs to Ogden s Own Distillery and the people of Idaho, today we have informed the makers of Five Wives vodka that we will immediately begin processing special order requests for both on-premise licensees and retail consumers, said Anderson in a prepared statement.

Consumer that want Five Wives Vodka can go to any liquor store in Idaho to place their order.

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