BOISE -- It was a triumphant close to a story brought to the public's attention right here on Idaho's News Channel 7. On Wednesday, Timberline High School Senior Haylee Winters got to walk across the stage with her class at graduation.

Just last week, Winters was told she would not be able to participate in the high school graduation ceremony at Taco Bell Arena.

However, after KTVB's story explaining Winters' extenuating circumstances aired, the Boise School District remitted, and said Winters could participate in the ceremony despite being four elective credits shy of graduating.

Why was her situation special?

Haylee was just 14 when doctors diagnosed her with a cancerous brain tumor. She recently finished a year of intense chemotherapy that left her struggling to complete all the necessary electives needed to graduate from high school.

However, Dan Hollar, spokesman for the Boise School District, told KTVB that district staff and administration developed a modified plan tailored to Winters' medical condition and school needs.

Haylee plans to finish those last credits over the summer and hopes to receive her diploma this fall.

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