BOISE- The City of Trees is known for being not only bike friendly, but a place where people use their bikes to get around. A recent survey shows Americans use their bikes for less than one percent of all urban trips. In an effort to get more people to trade in their four wheels for two, one Boise group organized a week of events. Boise Bike Week wrapped up this weekend.

Organizers said the event is about safe biking for all kinds of people. All kinds of people on all kinds of bikes came out to celebrate Boise Bike Week.

There's a lot of cyclists in Boise, said Walt Sledzieski, president of the Treasure Valley Cycling Alliance.

Bike Week wrapped up with the Pedal Parade, a celebration of two-wheeled transportation.

Organizers say the turnout depends a lot on the weather. They say great weather all week allowed them to share their message.

Our whole goal is to get more people out riding, and riding more safely, said Sledzieski. And that's what Boise Bike Week is all about. It's just a great example, a great opportunity to get out and spend time riding in a great community.

He hopes kids like Emma Miller will catch on to riding too.

I used to have this little trainer hook, Miller said of her bike. I just got on my two-wheeler. Because I used to just sit on my trainer and just watch. I didn't ever pedal.

Sledzieski tells us biking is becoming more popular in the Treasure Valley.

The numbers are definitely going up, he said.

Organizers want you to know you don't need a pricey bike or fancy clothes to start biking. Just grab a helmet, know the road rules and hit the road.

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