BOISE -- Idaho Fish and Game officials want people to be on the lookout after a mountain lion was spotted in east Boise Friday night.

Several Boise Police officers went to the area of Broadway and Myrtle early Monday morning, after receiving new reports of a mountain lion sighting.

At about 9:30 Friday night,a resident of Warm Springs Mesa saw the mountain lion feeding on a deer carcass in a neighbor s front yard.

Four Boise Police officers and two Idaho Fish and Game conservation officers spent several hours looking for the lion, but only found fresh tracks leaving the area. The officers planned to use rubber buckshot to haze the lion back to the wild area and away from the neighborhood.

The home where the mountain lion was spotted is located across the street from several miles of open country leading up to the mountains of the Boise front.

Residents are being advised that they should keep pets in at night and not allow young children to play alone in brushy common areas for the next couple of days.

If you see the mountain lion, you're asked to call Boise Police immediately.

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