BOISE -- If you're looking for something to do this Mother's Day weekend, a trip to Zoo Boise could be just the thing.

Three new animals now have a home inside Julia Davis Park. The first two are Red Pandas.

Dolly (named after Dolly Parton) and Winston were brought to Boise from the Knoxville Zoo as part of a breeding program for selected endangered or threatened species. Winston and Dolly are 11 months old which is adulthood for Red Pandas. Both were featured on the Mozilla Firefox's online red panda camera in 2011.

They will be housed near the aviaries and Conservation Cruise at the zoo separate from the zoo's other Red Panda, Grace.

Zoo Boise also recently welcomed a Patagonian cavy baby. The baby girl was born last month and has been hand-raised by zoo personnel. She is eating well, gaining weight, and will be re-introduced to parents as she continues to grow.

Zoo Boise invites you to follow the baby cavy's process through their Facebook page.

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