NORTH BEND -- A body found in an underground bunker in the Rattlesnake Ridge wilderness area this morning is believed to be Peter Keller.

The body was found with a gun beside it and a lot of blood.

Keller is accused of murdering his wife Lynnettee, 41, and daughter Kaylene, 19, last week, then setting his North Bend home on fire. Deputies were able to track him to the bunker he has been building for the past 8 years on Rattlesnake Ridge.

Just before 10 a.m. today, they tried to blow the lid off the bunker. Officers were able to see that there was a body inside.

They are taking it very slowly because the bunker may be booby trapped. There are two chambers in the bunker - one above and one below.

After the body was found, the first call made by detectives was to the family of Lynnettee.

Swat teams surrounded the bunker on Friday. Overnight, they said they were able to see lights go on inside the hideaway. Deputies believe Keller has a portable generator inside the bunker.

The terrain around the bunker is incredibly difficult. Several Swat Team members had to be treated after coming down from the mountainside. One deputy severely sprained an ankle, others were dehydrated and were given I.V. fluids.

Keller had not been seen since a Sunday fire at his North Bend-area home, where his wife and daughter were found shot to death.

An arrest warrant issued Wednesday for Keller accused him of two counts of first-degree murder and one count of first-degree arson.

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