It was the largest lottery jackpot in history with more than $600 million at stake.

And after last Friday's drawing we know there are three winning tickets, but the actual winners are still a Mega Millions mystery.

Tina Lachance went back to work at the Country Kitchen in Illinois today.

She didn't have the winning ticket, but understands why one of her suddenly wealthy neighbors in Red Bud, Illinois is keeping quiet.

If I won that much money, I wouldn't be telling everybody, said Lachance. You'll have more friends than you knew you ever had.

There's no secret about the excitement in Red Bud.

Lottery officials in Kansas say their winning ticket was sold in one of the 21 northeastern counties.

They don't know who has it, but they do have some advice.

They need to sign the back of it and they need to seek legal counsel or financial advice prior to coming in so they'll be ready to talk to us, said Dennis Wilson of the Kansas Lottery.

Hoping to talk to the big winner in Maryland, lottery officials visited this 7-11 in Milford Mill where the winning numbers were selected.

Paid out in 26 annual installments each winner will take home $218 million before taxes.

Taken all at once the pre-tax prize is $158 million each.

Either way it adds up to three very lucky, very rich and, to this point, very secret winners.

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