BOISE -- Idaho inmates have been complaining that the health care they receive is inadequate and a report released today by a health care expert supports their claims.

A federal judge ordered inmates' treatment at the Idaho State Correctional Institution be evaluated. The judge unsealed that report today.

The health care expert who wrote the report says he considers inmates health care treatment at the prison to be cruel and unusual punishment.

The report was filed by Dr. Marc Stern last month.

Dr. Stern says some patients who were unable to move because of illnesses were sometimes left in soiled linens, given inadequate pain medication and went periods without food and water. Stern called it inhumane.

The report details another instance when a nurse failed to give an unconscious inmate who was having trouble breathing - oxygen.

Stern also says there was a case when an inmate wasn't told he likely had cancer for seven months.

Lawyers for the inmates say the report speaks for itself.

The prison's heath care is run by Corizon. They sent out a response to the report saying it: an incomplete, misleading and erroneous representation of the current healthcare delivery system. The flawed report totally undermines the hard work and trust developed between the Idaho Department of Correction, Corizon and our inmate patients.

The Idaho Department of Correction also released a statement with Corizon saying:

While a few of the allegations raised in the report sent to the court report may be well-founded but unfortunate anomalies, most of them have been or are being addressed.

It is important to point out that this report is only a recommendation for the court. It is not the court's decision.

The federal judge ordered this report in hopes of ending this case, but it is unclear what will happen now.

This case has been going on for a while, it was filed in the 1980s.

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