BOISE -- Kandi Hall, the key witness in her husband's murder trial, faces new felony fraud charges.

The new charge is connected to an ongoing grand theft case. Hall's grand theft charge comes from the accusation that she stole and used $35,000 from the clients of Marten's Law Office in Boise. She was arraigned in May of 2010.

Court documents claim that she would take credit card numbers from those clients and then use them to deposit money into a Paypal account that she created.

On January 20, 2012, Hall's attorney submitted a letter claiming to be from Jared Marten, Hall's boss. That letter said that Marten would use the account to deposit Hall's quarterly bonuses and clothing allowance. A police forensic document examiner determined that the letter was fraudulent.

Police arrested Kandi Hall Monday. She posted $250,000 bond and is now out of jail. She now faces two felony charges, one for grand theft and the other for preparing false evidence.

Hall is the key witness in her husband's murder investigation. Kandi was there the March 2011 night when police say Robert Hall shot and killed Emmett Corrigan.

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