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BOISE -- Firefighters have extinguished a fire in the garage of a Boise home this morning.

The fire broke out at about 7:30 a.m. on the 6000 block of West Clinton Street, near the intersection of Emerald Street and Curtis Road in Boise.

The detached garage contained lumber, staining materials, boxes, cabinets, a sofa and a loveseat. The lumber fueled the fire and the contents of the garage burned quickly.

The homeowner tried to put out the fire, but could not. Nobody was injured in the fire.

Investigators say the exact cause of the fire will remain undetermined because the garage is so badly damaged, and it is unsafe to go in. The garage roof partially collapsed during the fire.

The homeowner told firefighters the garage, its contents and an RV parked next to the garage were not covered by insurance. All are a total loss.

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