BOISE -- Bogus Basin has officially broken its record for the latest opening date -- Jan. 6, 1990.

We are not proud of that by the way, said Bogus Basin's General Manager Mike Shirley.

Unfortunately, this season will have the latest opening date in Bogus Basin's history.

On Friday, there was barely enough snow to cover the base of the mountain and grass was poking through the snow. But Shirley is optimistic Mother Nature will turn things around soon.

We think it is going to snow, and we think we've got a lot of good winter left, and we are going to provide a season here before long, said Shirley.

The current forecast doesn't show a chance of snow until Thursday, but workers at Bogus Basin know that weather patterns can change overnight.

It could turn around very quickly, and we could be up there, have the mountain open, have 10,000 people up there, said Alan Moore, Vice President of Finance at Bogus Basin.

Moore says if Bogus Basin got a good storm, they could be open in a couple of days.

Until that storm comes Bogus Basin officials keep praying for snow.

People are very positive. People in the ski business by their very nature have to be optimists because you are waiting for snow all the time, said Moore.

Some people have asked Moore and Shirley why Bogus Basin doesn't just make snow. They say it is not an option for the ski area.

We've spent a lot of time and effort and energy and money through the years figuring out how to do snow making at Bogus, and we just don't have the water it takes to be able to do that, said Shirley.

The only solution to the ski areas problem is a good old fashioned snow storm.

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