BOISE -- Imagine being away from your family and friends for the holidays. That's what many members of our military are dealing with this holiday season.

Two Nampa schools are doing what they can to help make the holidays a little bit better for our troops.

At East Valley Middle School, 8th graders are are putting together care packages for our military members in Iraq and Afghanistan just in time for Christmas. They have some help though, from the 5th graders from Greenhurst Elementary School.

We have so many students that have parents and friends and family members that are overseas, said Leigha Call, 8th grade teacher at East Valley Middle School. It all got started because we were trying to figure out what to do with all of our leftover Halloween candy.

That brainstorming session quickly blossomed into stuffing the boxes full of everything they could imagine.

I went to my neighborhood and asked people if they wanted to donate anything, said Greenhurst Elementary School student Hannah Kapitinich.

East Valley Middle School student Kaitlyn Stokes says they are sending everything from food and lotion, to shampoo and toilet paper.

Isaac Buckley added that they are also sending fun things like books and magazines.

We are trying to put a little bit of everything in each box, said Greenhurst Elementary teacher McKenzie Orth.

The kids signed special holiday cards for the soldiers too.

There are so many care packages ready to go, the next hurdle is getting them shipped. But the students have that covered as well.

We have really generous donations from staff members at Greenhurst and East Valley, so we can pay to ship these overseas, said Call.

I hope when they open their packages that they feel we care about them, said Orth.

The kids are learning that giving is one of the greatest gifts of all. That is why they are all Seven's Heroes!

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