BOISE -- A local radio talk show host checked himself into the River of Life Men's Shelter to see what it's really like to be homeless.

We see people on the streets, but until you actually experience it and live it you have no comprehension, said 580 KIDO's Kevin Miller.

Miller will be living at the shelter for five days and four nights.

It's a fear we all live in, the fear of being unemployed, and what happens if you have no family, said Miller.

Taking the shelter tour was an eye opener. Miller quickly realized how much we all take for granted.

Two days into his stay at the mission, KTVB caught up Kevin working in the kitchen.

Right now we're doing lunch service, explained Miller. I'm used to yapping, and people say to me well how is it? It's like I wish I could effectively tell you. Until you come in and you smell it, see it, talk to the folks, it's something that we all should be a part of.

Miller hosted his daily talk show from the shelter. He told the listeners about all of the programs that the Boise Rescue Mission supports and the huge need for the organization.

We're right here in the mess hall, we're here every morning to let everyone know that listens, that watches, that understands, that this is a good place, the people here are really heroes, said Miller.

He's sleeping in the mission, he's coming down here for breakfast lunch and dinner, he's in line for the showers at night, he's really getting that experience in homelessness, said Bill Roscoe, Boise Rescue Mission Ministries. There are a lot of people in this building right now that are not bums, not alcoholics, they are just hard working folks who lost their job, lost their place to live.

People have this misconception about the homeless, but it could happen to anybody. The scariest thing is it could happen to you, it could happen to me, said Miller. What would happen if we didn't have this great facility that takes care of people?

To do that, the rescue mission needs donations all year long, but especially this time of year for holiday food boxes.

The need is every single day. We always need turkeys, we always need canned foods. Last year it was 3,500 turkeys. This year we're thinking 4,000. There are a lot of people in need now, explained Roscoe.

Kevin Miller has a simple request for the people watching his story. He wants you to see this for yourself, I would love for everybody to come down, bring a turkey and take a tour, that would be huge.

The Boise Rescue Mission supports the River of Life Men's Shelter, City Light Home for Women and Children, the Lighthouse Rescue Mission, and other programs in our community to help people in need get back on their feet.

Those locations are always accepting donations, and they depend on them to operate.

To find out more about the cause, head to theBoise Rescue Mission website to see how you can help this holiday season.

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