BOISE -- Since August, five homes on South Minuteman Way in Southeast Boise have been flooding, the source of the water is unknown. The Bureau of Reclamation began investigating, but so far have not been able to pin-point the source of the water.

Now, they're taking another step in hopes of finding the water.

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The Bureau of Reclamation began drilling a number of holes near the canal to monitor the levels of ground water.

We're trying to get an idea of what the water levels underneath the canal are doing, said Geologist Richard Link.

The Bureau hope is to use the findings of the water levels to pinpoint the water source or sources.

I don't know if we'll come up with a final suspect, there might be a group of suspects that may be involved, said Link.

Amanda Wheelwright has been dealing with a flooded yard and crawlspace for over two months. She says she is glad to see the monitoring wells being installed, but is worried the Bureau of Reclamation is running out of time to collect useful data before the canal has to be turned off on October 31st.

Why wasn't this done earlier, said Wheelwright. Why have we waited to go through with this investigative process when we're about ready to shut the canal off?

Link says the Bureau is hopeful they'll find the source soon.

It's frustrating because you see the people down below there that have had this problem and we're trying to figure out what we can do to help them out, said Link.

The Bureau of Reclamation hopes to have the first well operational by Friday. The construction process is expected to take about three to six weeks at a cost of about $180,000

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