BOISE -- The Smith family got quite a surprise overnight when a car came crashing through their house early Saturday morning.

Luckily, no one inside the home was hurt, but there was quite a bit of damage. The accident happened at the corner of Cassia and Phillippi around 2:30 a.m.

Caleb Smith said the car was going down Phillippi when, for some reason, it crashed through the chainlink fence, went through the yard, crashed into two cars and finally ended up smashing through brick and a garage door, right into the house.

'It was one of those weird things where I don't know if it was the noise that woke me up or if it was whatever, but when he crashed the horn stayed on in there, so we woke up to a loud blaring horn in the house, Smith said.

Smith said the two men inside the car got out and ran away. A neighbor told him one of the men was found inside of a neighbor's recycling container down the street.

On Saturday afternoon, the house had been patched up a bit and the family was able to get a rental car right. The Smiths said their insurance company will be out Tuesday to help them get things put back together.

Boise Police have not confirmed who the two men are and whether they were cited.

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