BOISE -- Times are tough for many Idaho families.

That's why a local church in Eagle is offering a free lunch to anyone who wants it every Wednesday this summer.

Volunteers don't expect anything in return, they just want to help people.

Each week, you will see people on North Linder Road holding up signs encouraging people to come eat a free meal.

The volunteers are Hope Lutheran Church began feeding the hungry about four years ago.

Pastor Mike Sager can't believe how the effort has grown.

The first year the highest was 12, now we've had as high as 250 people we've served, said Pastor Mike Sager.

Volunteers look forward to Wednesdays every week.

When people stop here for lunch we can talk to them and offer the use of our food pantry, said Thor Godtibsen, a church member and volunteer. A lot of families who don't have a job, or unemployment runs out.

With the economy the way it is, we've had some people show up that this is the first meal in a few days, said Pastor Sager.

Lunch comes with no strings attached. Congregation donations pay for it.

Most people say is it really free? Or they are afraid that we're going to preach at them and make them come to church, said Pastor Sager.

If you would like to check out these hot dog heroes, and enjoy a free meal, Hope Lutheran Church is located on the corner of State/Hwy 44 and Linder Road between Eagle and Star. The lunch will be served every Wednesday for the rest of summer.

If you know someone who is making a difference in our community, email Maggie O'Mara, and let her know about it.

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