BOISE -- Southwest Airlines is cutting service from Boise to three major cities.

It's a move the airline hopes will save them money, but passengers aren't too thrilled about it.

Southwest officials say beginning January 8, 2012, direct flights from Boise to Seattle, Salt Lake and Reno will be eliminated.

It is part of a cost-saving move.

A spokesperson for the airline says Southwest periodically looks at their flight schedules to ensure they remain profitable.

They determined not enough people were flying from Boise to Seattle, Salt Lake and Reno.

Some passengers who flew from Reno to Boise today say they're disappointed to learn the news.

That's the only flight we use to get back and forth here. We love it. It's only one hour, said Teresa Brooks, Southwest passenger.

I think it's completely a bummer because we have family here and it's just easy to fly. It's only an hour, said Amber Brooks, Southwest passenger.

Southwest Airlines says a number of factors went into the decision.

They say the cost of fuel is only getting more expensive.

Combine that factor with the low demand for the flights and Southwest says they had no choice but to eliminate the flights.

Southwest said there is a chance they could reinstate the flights at a later date, but for now those direct flights will be discontinued on Jan. 8, 2012.

Southwest was unable to tell us how much money they expect to save by eliminating the flights.

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