MERIDIAN -- The City of Meridian filed an appeal with the Idaho Supreme Court after a judge ruled in favor of a construction company the city claimed did not provide the quality of work it expected when building the new city hall.

In June, a judge sided with Petra Incorporated, saying the company did its job. As part of the judge's decision, the City of Meridian must now pay more than $324,000 that it never paid to Petra, Inc.

In addition to that, Meridian must pay Petra's attorney fees, which could top $1 million. The city already paid more than $1 million in its own legal fees.

Monday, Mayor Tammy de Weerd and the Meridian City Council released the following statement:

The City Council decided to appeal the Court's ruling in order to reduce the taxpayer burden from the judgment based upon existing case law. This appeal preserves the City's ability to have the Appellate Court review the legal issues raised in the Court's ruling. After the Supreme Court has rendered a decision the City Council will consider all options which exist at that time which are in the best interest of the citizens of Meridian.

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