BOISE-- Daniel Ehrlick said Melissa Jenkins was Robert's disciplinarian.

Sometimes he punished Robert Manwill but only after getting permission from Jenkins.

His story is much different from Jenkins version, who testified earlier this year that Ehrlick was abusing her son.

At her trial in January, Jenkins said Ehrlick intentionally inflicted pain upon her son for long periods of time.

When it was his turn to take the stand, Ehrlick said that was never the case.

Ehrlick testified that Jenkins had concerns about Robert's behavior, and it was she who doled out punishments.

Melissa would say that he's back talking or smarting off or you know not doing what he's told, Ehrlick said. She would make him stand against the wall or in the corner put his nose in the corner.

Sometimes he said Robert would sit on his hands.

Later though when Jenkins was working and Ehrlick was unemployed, it was he who watched Robert.

One technique used to discipline the boy was called dead bugging, where the child would lie on his back on the ground, arms and feet in the air.

Ehrlick recalled one of those times.

He was screaming, throwing a little fit. And I walked over and I knelt down, not put my weight on him or nothing. I just knelt down and I told him he needs to cut it down he and do what he was told, said Ehrlick.

Defense attorneys asked him if he hurt Robert because in January, Jenkins testified Ehrlick dropped his knees onto the child's abdomen.

When that happened, did you ever drop your knees on his stomach causing him a traumatic abdominal injury? asked public defender Gus Cahill. No, Ehrlick replied.

Ehrlick also admit to hitting the child with a board.

Now, how about with the piece of molding. Did you ever strike Robert with that? Cahill asked. I did. That was two swats on one occasion, Ehrlick said. No matter what discipline took place I wasn't allowed to do it myself. I was supposed to call Melissa and told her what the problem was and she would tell me what to do.

Jenkins pleaded guilty in January to aiding in Robert's killing as part of an agreement with prosecutors.

She will be sentenced in August and faces up to 25 years in prison.

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