BOISE -- Dorothy Howey is in her 70s, but that does not stop her from giving back to her community.

She's a talented quilter with a passion for helping others. Her goal? To give comfort where it is needed the most.

I've made quilts for every member of my family, my sister finally told me to quit making them because they had too many. said Dorothy Howey.

So, Dorothy decided to start making them for people who need them the most.

Dorothy just showed up and offered to give us these quilts, said Bonnie Glick, with the Ada County Sheriff's Office Victim Witness Unit. We've probably received over 200 quilts already.

The Ada County Sheriff's Office used to use bears to give children comfort and make them feel safe. Now, Bonnie and the sheriff's deputies hand out Dorothy's quilts too.

We always keep their trunks supplied with the blankets for kids they work with, said Bonnie. The officers will pull a blanket or a bear out of their trunk and give it to the children.

This is exactly what Dorothy wanted the blankets to be used for and she has heard the stories.

They've really been very important to me, said Dorothy. I'm very happy, it makes me feel good. Since I like to sew, I'm just glad they get used.

The shelves at the sheriff's office are well stocked, and Dorothy Howey has no plans of slowing down.

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