BOISE, Idaho-- Gov. C.L. Butch Otter has signed legislation banning most abortions in Idaho 20 weeks after conception.

Otter signed a bill Wednesday founded on the notion that a fetus in its 20th week can feel pain and the state has a compelling interest to protect the fetus.

The Republican-backed measure passed through the legislature, despite an opinion by the Idaho Attorney General the measure is unconstitutional.

Otter said he met with lawmakers who'd raised concerns, but ultimately decided the law would not infringe on constitutional rights.

Only six of the total 1,650 abortions performed in Idaho in 2009 were after 20 weeks.

Idaho now joins Nebraska in banning those rare, later-term abortions. Lawmakers in several other states like Iowa, Indiana, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Minnesota and Florida are contemplating similar fetal pain legislation.

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