BOISE -- Several viewers contacted the KTVB newsroom Wednesday afternoon to say they spotted what appeared to be a tornado near Twin Falls.

One viewer submitted threepictures to KTVB.COM's First Person section. That viewer took the photos while driving east from Buhl toward Twin Falls.

Idaho's Chief Meteorologist Rick Lantz says what our viewers saw was actually a gustnado not a tornado. It occurred between 3:15 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. There are some similarities but the biggest difference is a gustnado is produced by the wind, not a mass of thunderstorms.

The National Weather Service reports wind gusts in Twin Falls reached up to 55 mph this afternoon.

Lantz says the gustnado wasspotted about 10 miles southwest of Jerome. It likely touched the ground for only a few seconds.

There were several reports of damage including four car windows being blown out and a front door damaged at a Safe Kids facility onAddison Avenue West in Twin Falls.

Two cars were damaged after being blown together at Harrison Elementary School, according to Twin Falls Police.

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