RIGGINS -- There are new details on the man shot and killed during a shootout near Riggins. Documents show he'd made threatening statements in the weeks leading up to the shootings. Curtis Scrivner shot a deputy Wednesday morning, before another deputy shot and killed him.

Police say Scrivner threatened a bicyclist with a gun back in April in Colorado Springs. He was supposed to go to a final pre-trial hearing for his case last Friday, but he didn't show up. A newly-released and threatening letter he sent to the El Paso County, Colorado Court two weeks ago shows he didn't intend to.

Two weeks before he was set to face some serious charges in front of a Colorado jury, Scrivner sent a typed letter to the court. In the letter, he said he was giving the county quote, the opportunity to make things right and drop charges against him. Scrivner was referring to 8 charges he faced after Colorado Springs police say he threatened a bicyclist with a gun.

He wrote: If I had pulled a gun on this person, he would now be dead, considering my experience and training. He points out he is an ex-cop . Scrivner was a Valley County Sheriff's deputy a number of years ago.

Scrivner added: This is also the kind of situation that gets cops killed. The county's District Attorney says some of those statements could certainly be taken as threats against law enforcement.

In a Wednesday interview, Idaho County Sheriff Doug Giddings told KTVB Scrivner had pointed a gun at a deputy in city hall the day before the shootout.

This guy let it be known last night that he wasn't going to be taken, at least that's what he indicated when he took off, when he pulled a gun on Wilson, Giddings said.

Scrivner 's letter to the Colorado court indicated he felt his rights were violated throughout his legal battle, saying he was being treated like a Jew by the Nazi government of World War Two.

Scrivner said he had no plans to deal with the legal system again.

If this is the way your court and police operate now, then I will not communicate with you people again and I will not attend any more kangaroo court sessions, Scrivner wrote.

The man Scrivner shot, Deputy Fred Carey, is still in the hospital. We're told he is alert and awake. Carey was shot twice in this field near Riggins. One bullet hit him in the stomach and another hit him in the ankle. He is having surgery Friday to remove the bullet in his foot. The one in his abdomen will remain in his body without issue, according to doctors.

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