BOISE -- A man wanted in Colorado is dead and an Idaho Countydeputy sheriff was injured during a shootoutnear Riggins Wednesday morning.

Curtis Scrivner was killed in a gun battle with thedeputy, Fred Carey, who was shot twice and is listed in stable condition at a Boise hospital.

Police say this isn't the first timeScrivner has been accused of pulling a weapon on someone.

Over two decades, he's been accused of gun crimes in Idaho and Colorado. We found the 47-year-old has a lengthy criminal history.

Most recently Scrivner was scheduled to go before a jury in Colorado Springs just two days ago.

And two weeks ago, he was served a warrant in Idaho for allegations dating back more than a decade.

Starting with the Idaho case, court records show McCall Police arrested Scrivner in 1993. He was charged with malicious injury to property and illegally discharging a firearm in city limits. Both charges were eventually dropped, but he still had a fine pending.

Court documents show those fines went unpaid, and in 1997 the court issued an arrest warrant for Scrivner. That didn't get served until two weeks ago when the Idaho County Sheriff's Office served the warrant.

As for the Colorado case, back in April Scrivner was charged with eight crimes including aggravated robbery, violent menacing, and possession of a dangerous weapon.

According to a Colorado Springs Gazette article, police say Scrivner got into an argument with a bicyclist, and the cyclist told police Scrivner pulled a handgun on him. The bicyclist rode away and called police. Police say they arrested Scrivner at his home.

For months, that case has been working its way through El Paso County courts.

That ended last Friday when court records show Scrivner didn't show up for a pre-trial conference.

Colorado authorities then issued their own warrant for his failure to appear in court.

Idaho court records confirm Scrivner was in the Riggins area for at least the last couple weeks.

We have not been able to track down Scrivner's exact connections to either state, or where his permanent address was most recently.

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