BOISE -- City leaders in Boise say they have successfully negotiated labor agreements with police and firefighters.

The city touts this as a win for the police and fire departments, and for Boise taxpayers.

The city and union officials from both the fire and police departments have negotiated the contract for months.

Now they have come to an agreement that they say is unique in Idaho.

What they've decided on doing is creating a health care trust that will be run by union representatives from police and fire.

In the past, health care was taken care of by the city of Boise.

The city plans to make a one-time contribution to that trust in the amount of $4.5 million.

They say this new plan will save taxpayers millions over the three-year contract.

In transferring the health care trust from city administration to the union administration saves the taxpayers in excess of $10 million, said Boise Police Chief Mike Masterson.

Another feature of the contract is that employees from both agencies will forgo wage increases, at least for a year.

They say this will help keep fire and police on the streets without the threat of layoffs.

The new contract, if approved will be in effect for three years and expires in Sept. 2013.

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