BOISE-- A Boise man and his family rush to his sister's side after a deadly plane crash in downtown Anchorage, Alaska.

The injured woman grew up in Cascade, Idaho, and attended Boise StateUniversity. Her husband and children were on the plane, but her five-year-oldson did not survive.

NewsChannel 7 talked with the boy's uncle who lives in Boise.

The crash happened Tuesday during the heart of rush hour in downtown Anchorage.

Stacie Cavner, formerly Stacie Julian, now owns an outfitter company with her husband Preston in Alaska. They were flying in a company plane when it crashed.

I was standing at the front door of the hotel and I heard a loud plane, said an eyewitness to the crash.

Around 5 p.m. Tuesday, Preston and Stacie Cavner, their two sons Miles and Hudson, and a 16-year-old employee from Texas took off from an airport in Anchorage, Alaska.

Then it bounced off the roof, and the building shook. I looked over and seen it go just over traffic, bounce off the parking lot across the street and it ran into the building then caught fire, it started to catch fire, and it was pretty much it, it happened so fast, said an eyewitness.

The fiery crash was caught on home video.

Everybody started to run over and help and they had lifted up the wing of the plane and started pulling people out. By that time there's probably 30 people over there, 40 people, there was a lot of people running in to help out and bringing fire extinguishers, we brought some from the hotel, said an eyewitness.

Rescuers were able to pull out four of the five people inside.

Five-year-old Miles Cavner did not survive.

We talked with Eric Julian, Miles' uncle.

He was probably more towards the rear of the plane and they weren't able to get him out before the plane was fully engulfed, said Eric Julian.

Julian is Stacie Cavner's brother.

She's been burned about 49 percent of her body. Most of that is third degree burns on her arms and legs, the most significant part is her legs, especially below the knees. Her two-year-old Hudson is in the pediatric unit with burns on his head and feet, but I don't know any more than that, said Julian.

Julian says his sister and husband own an outfitter company in Alaska.

He says Preston, Stacie's husband, is an experienced pilot.

This plane that they were on, the Cessna is a plane they just got several months ago and have been using it to ferry bear clients around up there in Alaska, said Julian.

Doctors aren't giving Stacie a great chance of surviving.

Julian credits the active witnesses for his sister, her husband and two-year-old son for making it as far as they have.
That definitely means a lot because those people risked their lives obviously to pull them out of the plane that was on fire, so without them there things could have been significantly worse than they already are, so I definitely would like to thank all those people that risked their lives to get everybody out of there, said Julian.

Stacie Cavner and her family are currently being treated at the Legacy Emanuel Hospital in Portland, Oregon.

Stacie's husband Preston and son Hudson are also in critical condition.

Stacie's parents from Cascade and her brother from Boise are on their way to be by her side.

A National Transportation Safety Board investigator said it was too early to say what caused the crash.

The aircraft went down about a mile away from the airport after departure.

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