BOISE -- Two former Ada County commissioners who want to see changes are back on the ballot.

The Republican primary election is less than two weeks away.

The four men running for office -- Fred Tilman, Rick Yzaguirre, Vern Bisterfeldt and Roger Simmons are running as two man teams -- the incumbents against the challengers.

The incumbents are defending their record, the challengers are making serious claims about making differences, said Dr. Jim Weatherby.

Four men, running for two seats sat side by side Thursday at The City Club of Boise's monthly forum.

KTVB's Political Analyst Dr. Jim Weatherby moderated the forum.

This is an important race in that it is a contest for two of the three positions on the Ada County Commission. So the winners will comprise a majority of the Board of Ada County Commissioners, so it's a very important race, said Weatherby.

The incumbents -- Chair of the Commission, Fred Tilman and Commissioner Rick Yzaguirre -- have served together on the commission since 2003. They're running for reelection as a team.

I think the main point is to continue to run government efficiently. We promised to use business principles in running government as an organization, to find deficiencies, and we'll continue to do that, said Tilman.

So I think the way we're doing business today, you know, we've consolidated a lot of departments. We've unfortunately had to lay some people off, but we've put in a budget that saves taxpayers money, and hopefully will allow them to use that money for other uses, said Yzaguirre.

They've each spent over 20 years in public service.

On the other side of the ballot are the challengers, Roger Simmons and Vern Bisterfeldt. Both men previously served as Ada County commissioners.

The main thing that I'm trying to concentrate on, we have a five-point plan, and I wouldn't have done this if I haven't have had some agreement from Vern that we would try to accomplish that five-point plan. The most significant one I think is restructuring county government entirely, going from three full-time members to five part-time members and a county manager, said Simmons.

Simmons has 17 years of public service. His running mate, Bisterfeldt, has 51 years.

I would like to do the alternative forms of government for more representation. I want to work very hard on economic development and job creation, said Bisterfeldt.

Weatherby says these races are all about future growth and direction in Ada County.

This is a race where there are clear differences between the challengers who are challenging the status quo and the incumbent candidates who are running on their record, said Weatherby.

The Republican primary election is May 25.

The winner of the District Three race between Fred Tilman and Vern Bisterfeldt will win the seat since there's no Democrat running for the seat.

The winner of the race between Rick Yzaguirre and Roger Simmons will face Democrat Larry Rincover in the November general election.

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