BOISE -- The immigration crisis is one of the big issues being discussed across the country Wednesday, including right here in Idaho.

One major concern is the thousands of unaccompanied children coming into the U.S. and the deportation process.

Idaho's agricultural leaders joined in the National Day of Action.

They are pushing for change, saying it's what's needed to increase Idaho's workforce and boost the economy.

The Department of Homeland Security says more than 50,000 children have come into the U.S. unaccompanied since October.

As the president meets with local officials in Texas to discuss the deportation process and immigration crisis, some Idahoans are joining the fight for change, including the President of Milk Producers of Idaho, Brent Olmstead.

Because it is time, it's way past time for immigration reform, said Olmstead.

Agriculture leaders say the issue is affecting jobs and the workforce in the Gem State.

There is a demand for the milk, financing is available to build the dairies, they are not being built because there is no labor, there is no labor force for that, said Olmstead.

They joined in the National Day of Action, along with 20 other states.

They say they want to see Congress finally take action on the crisis that's lasted decades.

Their suggestion is a guest worker structure where those here illegally step forward, then receive a renewable work permit.

One of the best ways you can secure our border is by having a viable guest worker program, that way you know who is in the country, where they are going, and what they are going to be doing, said Olmstead.

In Idaho, some agricultural leaders say immigration reform will bring more workers, more tax dollars, and a better community for everyone.

When you have labor you are able to expand, when you expand you can produce more, and the economy of scales come into effect, it would impact anybody and everybody in the state, said Olmstead.

One Texas community voted not to house the unaccompanied children being detained there. There have been protests there against that decision.

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