BOISE There is a new scam that those with the Better Business Bureau are calling unique because it's complex, and already people have fallen victim to it.

The scam begins when someone looking for work replies to an employment ad. That's when scammers send the applicant a package containing stolen goods through the mail, telling the receiver they will get paid to re-ship it.

Dale Dixon with the BBB said it might sound legitimate, but the story falls apart after some research.

It uses the name of an actual company that actually exists and uses a Boise address, and is trying to convince people they need to ship items all over the world and they get paid $30 a box, Dixon said.

In this case, the scammers use a legitimate business name with a legitimate website and even give their victims a Boise address.

They use that to gain confidence of their potential victims, Dixon said.

Someone did end up researching the address attached to 1415 West Grove Street to find that another business is already established, but has not yet opened shop in the space.

That is where the scam falls apart. Scammers use stolen credit cards to buy the stolen goods, and then pay the victim with stolen money, Dixon said.

They start receiving the stolen merchandise with instruction and shipping labels to forward it on to someplace else, he said.

However, the lack of a paper trail makes it confusing for investigators. Dixon said it happened right here in Southwest Idaho not too long ago.

We have seen this situation transpire, where the victim actually had a knock on the door and it was the FBI, and they raided the house because they were watching the amount of stolen merchandise moving through the address, Dixon said.

Dixon said already one man has come forward saying he was a victim of this new shipping scam, and that is when he contacted the BBB.

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