MERIDIAN - Firefighters were able to extinguish a grass fire that burned very near a building at Overland and Ten Mile roads just south of the freeway.

Crews say the fire was sparked by a man who was actually mowing the grass to be firewise. The tractor struck a rock that sparked and ignited the fire.

Neil Durrant, who was driving the mower, explained what happened to KTVB.

I was out mowing down the weeds, just preventing fire for this weekend... people lighting off fireworks and stuff. Must have had a rock that flipped out underneath the mower. Before we could do anything, it took off and started the fire, Durrant said.

He says the fire started near the middle of a field and spread out, toward homes and a propane tank.

It kind of went each way and took off running, Durrant said. The problem right now is the ground is dry, the weeds are dry, and the fire likes the dry weeds. It will take off and go before you can do anything about it.

While they waited for the fire department, Durrant and others worked to contain the fire and keep it away from nearby homes and the tank of propane.

It got close to the houses there, Durrant said. We had the hoses out, spraying it. I actually took my mower and drug it down in the dirt to get some dirt stirred up to kind of slow the fire down some.

Meridian Fire Department Battalion Chief Rod Shaul was on scene. He says this type of fire happens and is simply an accident. He advises others who have a grass fire to do what people at this fire did: Call for help immediately.

It's hard to get hold of the fires at that point... For the common person, it's not an easy thing for them to get a hold of a fire if it does start, Shaul said. They're going to have to get a hold of us right away and let us get after it, Shaul said.

Another grass fire was reported near Eagle and McMillan roads, but it was not threatening any homes or other buildings, according to dispatchers.

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