BOISE -- Now that both the Idaho Republican and Democratic conventions are in the books many are looking ahead to the general elections in November, including our own political analyst Dr. Jim Weatherby.

Weatherby says it's too early to make any predictions for the November elections except that there will be a lot of close races for statewide positions. He says that's partly due to the apparent divide in the Idaho GOP.

Some of the more conservative elements of the party may not provide the kind of enthusiasm and support that typically party-members do, Weatherby said.

Weatherby says the rift between traditional and Tea Party conservatives isn't the only reason the races will be competitive. He believes in this Republican-dominated state the Democrats are running candidates that will put up a fight.

I think it will be interesting, particularly with the resources A.J. Balukoff has, that there will be an interesting campaign for governor, Weatherby said. And, could be competitive races for superintendent of public instruction, secretary of state, and we will see, in some areas, some competition and some very spirited competition for legislative seats.

That's why candidates on both sides, even now, months from the election, have a lot of work to do.

Candidates are out there raising money, building up their organizations, Weatherby said. There is a lot of work to be done, and they still have a short period in which to do it.

The general election is on Nov. 4.

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