KUNA -- Two Kuna men learned this past weekend that it is not alright to light a bonfire on a city street.

Police in Kuna cited Gregory Mcatee and Timothy Cope for placing lit debris on a highway. The two men face a fine up to $300 or 10 days in jail.

Firefighters were called to a culdesac at the intersection of N. Blueblossom Drive and W. Nannyberry Place in Kuna just before 11 p.m. Saturday. Several people were standing around a bonfire in the middle of the road. The fire was hot enough to melt the asphalt.

Cope told officers that he built a fire pit and it was common for people to have them on the pavement. Mcatee said he put his Christmas tree on the fire before others put more items on it.

Ada County Highway District officials estimate the cost to repair the asphalt at around $1,000 and plan to seek reimbursement for fixing it.

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