Jean Kasem, the wife of legendary radio DJ Casey Kasem, has been ordered to appear in a Kitsap County courtroom Friday in what could be the end of an ongoing dispute over custody of the former American Top 40 host.

Kasem, 82, and his wife have been staying with family friends in Kitsap County.

The dispute comes after a California judge ordered temporary guardianship of Kasem to his daughter Kerri, who has made this a public fight over custody of her father. She claims Jean Kasem, her stepmother, is hiding her dad and cutting the family out of his life.

There is concern over Kasem's health as he battles the late stages of a disease similar to Parkinson's. Jean Kasem says he has all of his proper medication and is being well cared for.

Kerri Kasem is expected to be in court on Friday, but Jean's presence is questionable. She has not been responsive to family or the public relations firm she hired out of Los Angeles, where she and her husband live.

A judge warned that her failure to appear in court on Friday could lead to a warrant for her arrest.

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