KUNA -- A Treasure Valley landmark is up for auction. The Mora schoolhouse was built back in 1910 and auctioneers hope someone will buy the property with plans to refurbish it.

It's been decades since the building housed a school, but people who grew up in the Kuna area have stopped by to check out the historic building.

This was the first through fourth grade room, said Kenneth Blevins, a former student who got the chance to tour the schoolhouse.

He can still remember how the Mora school was set up.

We had chalkboards all the way around, he said.

Blevins attended the Mora school from first through eighth grade, and he even got a diploma in 1949.

It hasn't been kept up very well, Blevins said after walking through the old school.

Employees with United Country Musick & Sons Auction and Real Estate have spent months taking inventory and cleaning up the 7.5-acre property.

It's a great little building. I mean, it does need work but I think it can be brought back to its glory days again, said auctioneer Kyle Musick.

The school was established back in 1910 and hundreds of students passed through the halls. It closed back in the late 1950s and years later, Clarence Slim Haken bought it.

Haken and his family moved into the schoolhouse with plans to host foster children. Unfortunately, that plan never panned out. Slim lived on the property until he passed away a few years ago.

That's when his daughter made the tough decision to sell the place he loved to call home.

There's a lot of history, said Blevins. We wanted to come back today before it sold because it may be torn down or who knows.

In addition to cleaning out the schoolhouse, crews had to take inventory and auction off more than 300 of Slim Haken's cars.

We had bidders from California to New York, said Musick.

The cars were sold back in March, even though a few still line the property. They've been sold, but no one has come to pick them up. Musick told us if they aren't claimed, they'll be re-sold or scrapped.

Although there's still work to be done, the schoolhouse is already up for auction online.

We've started it at $300,000, but there is a $550,000 minimum bid, said Musick.

Former student Kenneth Blevins hopes someone buys the Mora schoolhouse with plans to restore it.

It's a shame that it deteriorates, but time does that to everything, said Blevins.

Even auctioneer Kyle Musick sees the beauty beneath all that's collected over the years.

It'd just be topped off if somebody bought it and fixed it back up, he said.

We'll know if that's a possibility on Thursday, June 12 when the online auction closes.

For more information about the Mora schoolhouse and to view the online auction, click here.

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