HORSESHOE BEND Over the years we've followed an Eagle family as they've made a name for themselves in the world of kayaking. From 1993 to 2000 the Long brothers, Kenneth, Chad and Tren we're competitive kayakers paddling with Team USA.

It's incredible, said Tren when he interviewed with KTVB in 2000. Every day I wake up blessed and I'm excited and I know I'm one of the luckiest people in the world.

In 2000, the trio was training for the Olympics in Sydney.

If we made it to the show it would really be an amazing thing, said Kenneth when he interviewed with KTVB in 2000.

But they never made it to those games and later decided to move on with their lives.

We retired from racing and all started families, said Chad Long.

They took over the family business, Cascade Raft and Kayak.

In their retirement all three got married and now each have three kids. But after a decade away from competitive racing something happened.

We were watching the London Olympics in 2012 and we watched a lot of people we used to race with and going, well shoot, they're still racing and I could beat them back in the day, I should be able to get back into shape and do it again, said Tren Long.

Now they're training, getting stronger and gaining endurance.

In late March 2014, just five days before the national team trials in North Carolina, the trio decided to jump back in their boats and paddle.

It was the litmus test, said Tren. We were going out to see, because we might have gone out and sucked right and then maybe not a good idea, said Tren Long.

Every time we sit in this boat, every time we paddle together we improve. I don't want to say exponentially, but it's a big jump, said Chad Long.

That's a big credit to their father and coach who's been with them from the beginning. He's also a longtime coach for Team USA.

I've coached world championships, said Tom Long. So he knows talent.

Nobody trains harder, said Tom Long speaking of his boys. Remember they're whitewater boaters. Our business is whitewater.

As the Long brothers prepare for the world's toughest courses they're training in Horseshoe Bend. They're using a facility created by the Horseshoe Bend Hydroelectric Project to hone their skills.

They're good enough to get an Olympic spot and place, said Tom Long.

We're really enthusiastic about the potential, said Kenneth Long.

Next week, June 6-8, Kenneth and Chad will race in the kayaking world cup in London as they begin their journey for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

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