BOISE -- A lot of people will likely be traveling up into the mountains for the holiday weekend.

But with this warmer weather, pet owners will want to watch out for ticks.

Dan Hume is the emergency room director at West Vet. He talked with Scott Evans about what pet owners can do to protect their animals.

First, he says use a monthly flea and tick preventative on your dog to lessen the chance that it gets sick after being bitten by a tick. It's also a good idea to use that in combination with a protective collar.

Secondly, check your pet at least twice a day for ticks. Look for unusual bumps. If you find a tick, remove it. If you are unable to remove the tick, take your pet to a veterinarian for treatment.

Hume says pets often get ticks in lowland areas covered in brush.

Warmer temperatures mean more ticks, so make sure your pets are protected.

Ticks in Idaho are known to transmit at least five different diseases to people, plus several significantly harmful diseases to livestock. A dozen cases of Lyme disease are confirmed here annually.

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