BOISE -- The downtown Boise Bike Lane Pilot Project is proving to be the talk of the town.

The Ada County Highway District saysnearly 5,000 people responded to their onlinesurveyand some 500 peoplesent them an email.

ACHD recently installed temporary buffered bike lanes on Capitol Boulevard and Idaho and Main streets, which has reduced the number of lanes for vehicle traffic.

About three weeks into the project, ACHD says public opinion is split about evenly, but leaning slightly toward removing the bike lanes rather than installing permanent ones. That's based on 4,660 responses to the survey.

52.8 percent of responders favored getting rid of the bicycle lanes on Main Street, and 52.5 percent wanted to ditch the Capitol Boulevard facilities.

On Idaho Street, the vote was closer, with 51.5 percent of responders saying they wanted the lanes removed, compared to the 48.5 percent who wanted to keep them.

ACHD has also received about 500 emails running two-to-one against permanent buffered bike lanes.

Craig Quintana, a spokesman for ACHD, says the highway district is overwhelmed by the amount of feedback.

That's the new all-time record for public interaction on any ACHD project, said Quintana.

Quintana says ACHD has been monitoring traffic counts and travel time in the downtown corridor before and after the pilot project began. He says the bike lanes have not had a significant negative impact on congestion.

ACHD is also studying how many people are using the new bike lanes. Quintana says so far the highway district is not seeing the big numbers they'd hoped for. And feedback from area businesses has been more negative than positive.

ACHD commissioners will discuss thestatus of the pilotprojectduring this week's meeting, which starts at noon Wednesday. They will look at the survey results as they consider whether to extend the pilot project beyond the month of May.

ACHD will continue accepting feedback for as long as the pilot project runs.

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