BOISE Perfection is extremely difficult to attain, but not impossible. There are things that some people can do perfectly, college entrance exams, for example.

Statistics show it's quite rare for someone to get a perfect score on either the ACT or the SAT. Last year between the two tests, only eight Idaho students got a perfect score, and that was on the ACT.

But this year, perfection happened at Boise High School. Not once, not twice, but four times.

I was extremely surprised. I was kind of excited and surprised, said senior Everett Smith.

I was pleasantly surprised because it was actually a bad day for me, I was feeling sick, I didn't eat breakfast, said senior Yoon Ji Ra.

I was probably the most excited because I have four older sisters and none of them got a perfect score, so I beat them, said senior Patrick O'Neil.

I wasn't quite awake yet. When I saw that I was a little taken back, definitely very surprised, said junior Ian Faucher.

Each shot for perfection, but didn t think it would happen, especially when you consider the statistics and the odds, which were not in their favor.

Since numbers aren't out for 2014, we'll look at 2013.

For the ACT, 1.8 million students nationwide took the test. Of them 1,162 received a 36, the highest score possible. In Idaho, only 8 students got a perfect score.

Break down the national numbers and less than one tenth of a percent of students who took the test got a 36.

Everett, Yoon Ji and Patrick all got a 36! Faucher got a 35!

As for the SAT, 1.66 million students nationwide took the test last year. Of them only 494 got a 2,400, the highest score possible. Of the 17,352 Idaho students who took it - none of them scored a 2,400.

This year, Ian got a 2,400. At this point it s not known if any other Idahoans received perfect scores on either test.

Yoon Ji only missed one question on the SAT to get a 2370.

There's certainly an element of luck. I think all of us probably left the test feeling that probably went well, but you never know, said Faucher.

There are four of us that got perfect scores on the tests, but there's also a lot of other people at this school who are doing other things that's not like a perfect score on a test, but it's still a really cool accomplishment, said Smith.

These students are not about the attention these scores are bringing to the group.

I don't want to be the kid that got a 36 on his ACT, I'd rather be Patrick, said Patrick.

I think looking at this one score gives a very limited perspective as to who we are as individuals, said Ra.

The four students are also very well rounded; they re involved in band, orchestra, soccer, cross country and tutoring.

This fall the graduating seniors will be attending colleges in Colorado, California and Pennsylvania.

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