BOISE -- Stroke survivor Mycle Brandy lives by the numbers.

The 62-year-old, retired construction worker walks an average of 18 miles per day when he's crossing America. He's done it three times already. Each day, he drinks about 70 ounces of water. He wears out a pair of shoes each month.

However, there's four things that set him apart from the average guy walking across America with his Hurry-Cane, neon vest, and cheerful attitude.

I've had four strokes, two of them were minor, Brandy says. Two of them were pretty major. The first one of them I lost most of my hearing.

You see, Mycle Brandy is on his fourth walk across the continental United States.

He's currently walking from Portland, Oregon to Portland Maine.

His goal is to raise awareness for stroke victims and to give hope for recovery.

Brandy's first stroke happened in 1992 when Brandy fell from a construction scaffold in southern California. Doctors said the impact had triggered a stroke cluster in his brain.

Another major stroke happened in 2002, and he was left paralyzed on his right side. He had to relearn how to move and walk.

Eventually, he completed a fully marathon, then another, then another. Eight marathons later, he decided to walk across America for the first time.

You might not be able to walk across America, and I don't expect most people to be able to do that, but you're not going to recover if you don't think you're going to recover, Brandy says. If you don't put, the initiative, if you don't have the desire to improve, you're not going to improve.

However, gearing up for the journey is a difficult task.

Mycle relies on his wife Louise, and friends Don and Pat Goodman to follow him along the way, providing support and help if he needs it.

Big question people might ask: How long does it take to walk across America? Brandy says about 8 months, and hopes to arrive in Portland Maine at 11 o'clock in the morning on December 12th (That would make his arrival at 11 a.m. on 12/13/14).

His journey will bring him in contact with thousands of stroke survivors across the country, and help Mycle promote his own recovery too.

It's been an adventure that's for sure, he says. But, I've got tell you, since I quit smoking cigarettes, I haven't had a stroke. Since, I started walking, I haven't had a stroke. So, changing my life has changed my health.

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