BOISE If you drive in and out of downtown Boise using the Connector you've probably noticed the progress being made on the JUMP project or Jack's Urban Meeting Place. What you probably haven't seen yet is another building that construction will begin on shortly that will bring hundreds of more workers to downtown Boise.

The Simplot Company plans to move all of its divisions under one roof in a new nine-story building.

It's a busy scene in the downtown block where the JUMP project is taking shape. Several contractors are steadily working to make sure it s completed on time.

We're super excited that it's coming along as quickly as it is these days, said Kathy O Neill community engagement director for JUMP.

Built in the spirit of Jack Simplot, the Simplot Family Foundation is funding this project that is set to be finished by summer 2015.

It's a lot easier to build a standard structure as opposed to such a unique structure. This is little challenging for all of the contractors involved, said O Neill. Nobody has ever built a structure like this because there's nothing out there quite like it.

On the same lot, but a separate project funded through the Simplot Company, there will be a new nine-story building that will act as the new company headquarters.

Right now the company has two of its divisions in a building downtown and another division out on Federal Way.

This will bring all 900 employees to downtown Boise, an increase of employees in the downtown area of over 500 people.

In terms of collaboration, having us all in one place is a much better way to go than having us spread out, said David Cuoio, Simplot Company public relations manager.

The hope is the new building will be as attractive as the JUMP structure.

We think it will be very attractive, very innovative. We think it will be a great addition to downtown, said Cuoio.

Cuoio says the employees are very excited about this move. And with it will come more people spending money downtown.

I think that the additional employees coming downtown will be a tremendous edition to downtown. Not only in terms of finances and people going to restaurants, but just in terms of the vitality of downtown, said Cuoio.

With hundreds of more people coming to downtown, parking might be a problem. Cuoio says there will be 500 parking spots in the lot, so some employees might have to park off site.

The new headquarters will be finished in the next two years, sometime in 2016. The JUMP project will be finished in summer 2015.

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