SEATTLE -- The Grays Harbor coroner says a mother and daughter from Idaho died early Friday in a raging house fire in Washington state where three others were rescued.

Dan Burns says the women were 54 and 26. He did not release their identities pending notification of relatives.

Aberdeen Fire Chief Tom Hubbard says fast-acting neighbors helped rescue three others from the house fire, which began about 5 a.m.

He says neighbors used a ladder to help an elderly couple escape out of a window, while another woman jumped from the roof into the arms of a neighbor and a police officer who responded.

Donna Hensel says her husband and another man used a ladder to help the couple to safety.

The couple, who are in their 70s, were getting ready to move out of that house to Idaho, she and another neighbor, Lea Kemplin, said. The couple's family members had come to the area to help them pack and move.

Thank God they're OK, but they lost family members, Hensel said, sobbing in a telephone interview.

A neighbor who lives across the street saw the fire when she awoke.

I heard someone screaming, Bev Brown said. The house was engulfed in flames, shooting out. It was terrible. It was awful.

Kemplin, a neighbor who is friends with the couple, said she believes the couple's adult daughter and a grandchild were missing in the blaze.

Aberdeen is about 80 miles west of Seattle.

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