BOISE -- Thursday was the first day of a pilot program by the Ada County Highway District. They put in buffered (or protected) bike lanes on some Downtown Boise streets.

Thursday also welcomed in May and Bike Safety Awareness Month.

All of a sudden, hey we've got great weather, so all of a sudden the cyclists are going to be out in force, said Brian Price, from the LOOK! Save a Life Foundation.

In an effort to make things safer for cyclists, ACHD put in protected bike lanes and bike boxes on Idaho Street, Main Street and Capitol Boulevard.

I think that they're a great idea, I really am interested to see what the feedback is to ACHD, not only from the cyclists, but also from the drivers, said Price.

We went to find out what the drivers think.

I don't see a difference, it's just busy all the time, said Boise State student Jordan Kelly.

I think it's a great idea, in fact I wish it had run all the way up to the train depot, said one woman.

Well today it's going pretty slow, said Kevin Byrne. It seems like it's a bit slower, but I can't say for sure.

We wanted to find out for ourselves how slowly things were moving, so we drove from the Boise Depot to the Capitol on Capitol Boulevard at 5:30 p.m, and it took a total of 12 minutes.

The new bike lanes will be here for the next month as part of the pilot program.

I think that's the purpose of the pilot program, is to find out if people are going to be in favor or not, and jury's still out, said one driver.

The new protected, or buffered, bike lanes help keep bikes and cars apart. After two accidents with kids on bikes, a lot of people are just hoping for more awareness.

Whether it's a cyclist's fault or a motorist's fault, I know that they've said that it's kind of a 50/50, it goes both ways, but unfortunately even if we're in the right, if we're on a bike we're probably going to lose, said Price.

You can give ACHD feedback on the bike lanes and bike boxes by clicking here.

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