BOISE The government has issued a warning after a rock slide occurred near the basalt cliffs above the Boise River Diversion Dam over the weekend.

The Bureau of Reclamation is telling the public to avoid the area, which is located on the south side of the river, 7 miles southeast of Boise.

There may be more loose rock in the area, so we caution people to stay clear of the area, said Jerrold Gregg, Area Manager with the Snake River Area Office. Signs have been posted warning the public of the possible danger.

The rock slide carried rock, soil, and vegetation downhill, both upstream and downstream of the New York Canal headworks. Officials say there is no damage to the dam, power plant, or the canal. Irrigation deliveries have not been affected.

Geologists are assessing the slide area to determine if any other immediate action is necessary for the safety of the public, the dam, and canal structures.

The slide did not affect the popular Black Cliffs rock climbing area on the north side of Highway 21.

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