BOISE-- There are changes now for Oregon state residents wanting to sign up for healthcare through the Affordable Care Act.

As of Friday, those with Cover Oregon, the state's health insurance exchange website announced that they will have to switch to the federal site due to too many technical issues.

Oregon's website still doesn't fully work.

However those with Idaho s exchange website, Your Health Idaho said Friday, that this is not something that will happen to Idahoans.

According to Executive Director of Your Health Idaho, Amy Dowd the site already connects with the federal site the way Cover Oregon does now, but In the future Idaho plans to drop the federal link up and use its own technology.

Dowd said enrollment numbers for Your Health Idaho are strong and she credits their agent, broker and in person assistor communication to the success of the site. Recently they even selected the vendors who will assist on the website.

Dowd reassured Idahoans that what is happening in Oregon has no impact on Idaho.

We will make sure that we develop and design it with Idaho s interests in mind and tailored to our unique needs and we're not going to go live with our system until we're sure it's fully tested and ready to go, said Dowd.

As far as Oregon though, those officials are hoping if you managed to enroll, that your information will just transfer over, but there's a chance you'd have to re-register with the federal government.

Idaho's use of the federal website is just temporary and they want to make sure all the bugs and kinks are worked out before fully switching over to an all-state run exchange website.

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